Peace Finding

A meditation exercise to assist in finding inner peace.

Since opening this website, I’ve been stuck. Whenever I think of writing something here, I feel a type of performance anxiety – which is exactly the feeling I thought I could avoid by making my identity anonymous. Apparently, whether anyone knows my name or not is irrelevant to the fact that I still want to give something of value to readers, and the mere act of deciding what is of value and what isn’t, is stress making. I have literally started the next paragraph four times already, with four different topics. Since I obviously don’t know what to write, and yet I feel that I need to post something today, I’m going to turn it over to my guides. They always have something of value to say.

doveTo all those who are here, reading these words, I give you peace. Not a gift, mind you. But a procedure to be followed step by step.

First, stop for a moment and close your eyes (after reading the rest of this first, of course). Move your awareness behind your eyes, to the center of your head. Sit there and breathe for a few moments until you feel completely in that place, until you settle in.

Second, with your nonphysical senses, visualize that you are in a massive cave. You can ‘see’ the stones around you, the stalagmites and stalactites, ‘feel’ the curves of wall and jagged coolness of stone, ‘hear’ the swirl of water in a pool, and become aware of gems.

Third, go explore. This may lead you deeper into the cave, or to a particular stone, to a scrying pool, or to a place near the entrance of your cave, toward your forehead. Your curiosity may even lead you out of your cave, overlooking the land beyond. Wherever you are called to, go there. Sit. Look. Listen. Feel.

Fourth, allow the peace of whatever called your name to enter your awareness and tell you what you need to know. Act toward that being in the way that feels completely natural to you. Let it know who you are. Hear who it is. Listen.

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