Love as Connection

…there must be two “live” ends…

Thinking of love as it relates to connection, the first thing I wondered was: is love only seen or recognized or “measurable” when it is an active force? If it sits still, does nothing, is it really love? And is the active force of love, actually the active force of the divine? Love is God; God is Love?

Then I realized something profound:

plasma globeUnless I am Love, it doesn’t matter that Love acts in the world around me. I will be forever removed from it because to make any connection, there must be two “live” ends – and the end in me must be active to truly experience the Love at the other end. In other words, to see the world as a living representation of the active force of Love, I too must be Love.

I created a mantra as I walked….

“I am Love. All this (all around me) is Love.”

The first time, and almost every time after, that I concentrated on this mantra, the world shifted for a few seconds, both looking and feeling different: intense, immediate, and far more vast. Colors became brighter, shadows deeper, and I could “feel” the power of my surroundings in my heart and radiating around my spine.

Then I came home and was immediately verbally attacked by my teenaged daughter (she has a personality disorder). I told her I loved her – and she started to rage! Instead of running for cover, I thought, “I am Love” – and I saw differently again.

I saw her beauty, and her fear beneath the anger, the fear that if she truly attaches to this family, we will leave her too. With the help of recalling “I am Love” and following my natural inclinations while in that mindset, I was able to end the conversation with no damage to either of us.

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten on this new thought and the experimentation around it.